March 27, 2016



We meet a lot of folks as we go through this journey, and they have questions, as most folks do.  The list we’ve compiled here contains the most common questions; the one’s we answer at every stop.  If there’s something that’s not here, feel free to ask your question in the comments and we’ll give you an answer just as soon as we see it.

That's a nice bus, what is it / what year / what engine / etc?

First off, thanks, we love her.  The Wanderlust bus is a 1988 Eagle 1EU with an Detroit Diesel 8v71.  She was an old college ministry bus that we got for a steal.  If you want to know more about the bus, click here for the baseline tour.

Your website is amazing, who did it and can they do one for me?

Truth be told, I did, at least, my marketing media and design company, Pixel Junkie did.  I’ve been building websites since I learned how to code when I was 10. (Stop laughing, I wasn’t the most popular kid…lol)  Over the year I’ve honed my hobby into a career and I’ve worked for some of the best companies in the country as a marketing director.

As for me building your site, I’d be glad to discuss it with you.  Head over to the Pixel Junkie site and check out all of the stuff we do and we can go from there.


How did you crazy kids meet?


That’s a long story, one I’ve actually written a post about.  You can read it here!

How do the kids like being on the road?

As anyone with kids knows, it’s hit or miss every single day.  Some days we have a great time travelling and enjoying each other’s company.  Other days, well, are other days.  We try not to focus on any of the times when things aren’t really at their best, so we can get to more of the days when they are.

Four cats... in a bus... how? Why?

We love our cats, they are really an extension of our personalities.  They have all become VERY aclimated to being on the road.  Before we jumped into the Wanderlust Bus, I spent many years as an on-air personality on the radio.  The problem with radio?  You have to go where the money is… and we did.  17 moves in 12 years… we’re virtually moving professionals.  The cats had to come with us every time so… there’s your answer.

We don't want to be nosy, but where is your money coming from to do this?

We have some savings that we use, but the majority of our cash flow comes from monetizing our skill sets. Johnny does marketing media and design through our marketing company Pixel Junkie. Jess uses her skills as a homemaker to make hand-made, locally sourced, organic products of all kinds to sell while we travel at farmers markets and the like as well as online.  If you’re interested in getting some of the amazing products we offer, head over to our Co-Op.

So, you guys are all organic, you seriously never stop to grab something at a restaurant or fast food place?

Honestly that is 100% true! There are a couple of resteraunts and quick service places that specialize in organic fare but we haven’t had the opportunity to try them. If you have a place we should try, remember – all organic, let us know in the comments.  In the meantime, read about why we’re organic and synthetic-free, the challenges we face because of it, and how we solve them.  Check out my post about it here:

If you're always on the road, what do you guys do about medical care?

Well, we use most doctors as more of a diagnostician than someone we look to for treatment options.  Jess has been doing research for years on how to heal and keep our family strong and thriving, so I’ve learned to trust her judgement plus the fact that people have been using the same methods we do for thousands of years helps too.

In the event of trauma, we still trust, value, and appreciate the opinions of medical professionals and always will put the priority on the health and well-being of our family above all else

Why aren't any of my questions answered here?

Well, maybe your question is the one that we haven’t been asked yet.  So, I guess there is only one thing left to do.  Ask your questions down below in a comment and we will answer it.  If it’s good enough, maybe we’ll add it to the FAQ.

This is one of the most living, breathing pages on our site and it’s fire is fueled by you guys!  If you have a question, no matter how trivial you think it is, ask it and we’ll answer ( unless you’re rude, we don’t do rude).