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We know how difficult and scary the thought of jumping into a situation like this can be. You can find a wealth of information in the categories below. This is the best place to start if you need to do some research or find information.
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Bus Conversion

Everything about converting our ’88 Eagle bus from commercial use to tiny house! Construction, WVO, Solar – we’ll talk about all of it, including the kitchen sink!

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We want to inspire you to get out there and see the world. Grab a virtual seat in the bus and come along with us (vicariously) on our crazy adventure!

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Organically Minded

We live an organic and chemical free lifestyle as much as possible. Here you’ll find recipes, cleaning & organization for tiny living, holistic & medicinals, and more.

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Education in Motion

We incorporate a thirst for knowledge in everything we do with our kids. We want you to experience the joy that comes from seeing your child thive!

The Wanderlust Bus Journey

This is an interactive map of where we've been with links to the stories about all the amazing people, places, and things we've been lucky enough to experience! Check to see if we've been in your neck of the woods and if we haven't had the pleasure of visiting your little part of the world, let us know where you are and why we need to go there!

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