Wanderlust Bus Modular Closet Build: No Skeletons in This Closet Part 2

modular closet

The measurements are taken, the closet is skinned (check out the post of skinning the closet here or go straight to watching the video here) and now it’s time to move onto putting up our modular closet framework. This framework will eventually house everything we need to store. This space is not only our closet but also our junk drawer, our filing cabinet and much more. To accomplish all of this we’ll build storage drawers to house the actual stuff.

modular closetWe start off the process by measuring out the spots where our uprights will go. After spacing and measuring, we can template them out with paper. We template the smallest dimension of the uprights and use those as the basis for all of our other uprights with only slight modification necessary. After the paper template, I mock up the upright support for our modular closet with two layers of cardboard. I fit this in the place where it will live and make any necessary adjustments.

With everything planned out I move into the shed and begin cutting out all of the pieces from ¾” birch plywood. We could have gone with ½” ply but we felt that the ¾” would offer more stability possibly mitigating the loss from the attachment method.


If you test cut everything you’ll know that moving forward with the other pieces that the process will be easy. Well, easy enough.

We could run traditional dados in the uprights, but we decided that it would be faster to Kreg screw everything. The loss in stability is negligible for what we gain in time and convenience.

We attach everything in a pattern; Kreg screwing the shelves on one side and straight screwing them on the other. We repeat this process until the entire support system is constructed.

After the main portion of the modular closet was built, we had to address the other side, the side where the bathroom used to be. We determined that this will still be a bathroom space, but for felines. The kitty litter box will be in the lower half of this side with a short walkway that will have some type of grass to remove the litter from our furry wanderers’ feet.

We decided to get a little cheeky and make the opening for the cats have a little character.

Overall, we were very pleased with the modular closet build out. Now the only thing left to do is build our boxes… and fill them up with all of our stuff. That’s coming soon.

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