Well, We’ve Got a Bus….Now What?
Bus Conversion, Anyone? Wanderlust Bus Pre-Conversion Tour

So, for a long time we’ve batted around the idea of buying a bus to do a bus conversion, but it just never seemed like something that we could make a reality… UNTIL NOW!

After doing exhaustive research (more on why we went with the bus we did in a later post), we began scouring the interwebs to find the bus of our dreams, or at least one that would move!  We looked all over the country, literally coast to coast, for about 3 weeks.  We came up with squat.

Then as if the universe had been paying us back for some good deed, a college ministry in my in-laws hometown decided to sell their well loved bus.  I rushed at the chance to buy it.

“Honey, it’s only $4500…and IT RUNS AND DRIVES!  We need to go next week, if we don’t there’s no way it’s going to be there. I already talked to the guy selling it, and he’s ready to move it!”

So 5 days later we went and looked at it, started it,  got a grand knocked off the price and drove it home.  I drove it 200 miles and didn’t have an issue at all.  In fact it’s one of the best driving experiences I’ve had in a decade.  It was such a good time.  (Incidently, when a good song comes on and you’re in your car, you can’t dance like a true idiot. This is not the case in a bus!)

Here she is! The 1988 Eagle 1EU we have christened “The Wanderlust Bus”. Classic styling with the amazing aluminum trim on the lower half.  Tons of room up top, plus six huge storage bays underneath. So I invite you to step onto “The Wanderlust Bus” and take a quick bus pre-conversion tour around it and find out what’s coming up from us here!

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