Bus Conversion 101:
Seat & Luggage Rack Removal



So now that we’ve taken stock of what we have it’s time to get down to ripping this thing down to it’s framework.  That process starts with the removal of all 47 seats.  It’s a pretty straightforward process that only involves some basic hand tools as well as a good amount of brute force (and some castor oil to loosen things up…the bolts people…the bolts).

Once you get all the seats out of your way you can then address the upper luggage rack.  I’ve talked about it in the video below but some of the videos of the process came with a good amount of frustration and some language that may not be suitable for this blog.  In any case, heed my warning!  Use support of ANY kind if you try to take these racks down in one piece, THEY ARE DECEPTIVELY HEAVY!

Check out the video below if you want to see how we got the seats and the racks out.  Leave a comment, share, and subscribe.  Below the video is a more detailed explanation of how we did it as well, but watch the video, I’d hate to do all that editing for nothing… :)!

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