A Quick Update from the Wanderlust Bus

We Know It's Been a While, and We're Sorry!

Some of you have been asking for a quick update on the Wanderlust Bus. So, fact of the matter is, indecision is kind of the bane of our existence right now. A project this big has a lot of components and when it comes to making sure all of those components meets the requirements we have for the bus (organic, sustainable, etc.) it’s a big undertaking.  We have hours of research to do to make sure that everything we use is REALLY clean and natural and doesn’t just SAY it is.  This sometimes requires a call to the company to talk with someone live, maybe an email back and forth. It can be tedious and is MOST DEFINITELY time consuming.

Now throw day to day life in on top of all of the bus stuff and it becomes a cacophony of chaos and malcontent.  It’s all about handling it effectively to leverage the best use of the resources available.  Sometimes that means that the 14 year old is mad because she has to watch the baby while Mom helps Dad weld steel in the bus.

On the other hand, it’s still a labor of love. We really enjoy the hunt to find the best materials for our family so that we can share it with you all (saving you those hours of hunting in the meantime). Problem is, it isn’t very entertaining to watch. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe what the masses are desiring is watching me mindlessly peck away at a keyboard slightly slack-jawed in the hopes of finding a great deal on a WVO system.

Nonetheless, we’re sorry we’ve been away for a while, but that changes now.  We’ll be back on things like crazy now that some decisions have been finalized. So check out the video below to see what we’ve been up to and we’ll have more for you again sometime this week. Thanks again for following us, we’ll see you soon.

A Quick Update!

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