Beetle Kill Ponderosa Pine – Our Visit to Kentucky Lumber, LLC

Today, we take a journey 3½ hours from where the Wanderlust Bus is transforming to Kentucky Lumber, LLC in Allensville, KY. We did some research and found that they have a great price on beetle kill Ponderosa pine, and in a rare 10-inch width to boot. The rarity is because the larger diameter trees are scarce so the chances of finding one that has enough material to make it worth cutting 10-inch width boards are very slim. Plus by being able to source the lumber locally it saves the cost of freight shipping the material to us. Incidently, 1090 square feet of lumber is not a quick process when it comes to getting it off of the trailer and into the lumber shed.

beetle kill ponderosa pine groveWe are thrilled to be able to use beetle kill Ponderosa pine on both our ceiling and floors.  This is one of the MOST sustainable lumber products available on the market today and there are a number of benefits to using this type of lumber. As Andrew tells us in the video, when the pine beetle kills a tree it leaves the center of the tree intact with little to no damage. With responsible forest management, with lumber can be harvested and used in construction. It also removes the potential for devastating forest fires and allows new growth to start.

The beetle kill Ponderosa pine is sustainably harvested, responsibly processed, Forest Stewardship Council certified (this means the wood has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner), and gorgeous to boot. Check out the video of our trip as well as our talk with Andrew who tells us some more about both the pine as well as Kentucky Lumber’s roots.

Once you’re done watching the video, go check out Kentucky Lumber, LLC’s website and give Derek or Andrew a call and tell em Johnny from the Wanderlust Bus sent you.

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